I went to the Women's March because I had to.

I had to go to the Women’s March to represent black women in my life. My wife, mother, sisters, aunts, sister in laws, nieces, and cousins in my family. My coworkers, colleagues, friends and passers by as well. To acknowledge them, their strength, and the validity of their stories. 

I had to go to the Women’s March because it is my responsibility as a citizen in this country to be of action. It was an act of service to what is the right direction for us all. 

Finally, I had to go to the Women’s March to be seen. In hopes that the next time we march for a cause that directly affects me, I might see the same people. Even though I know that there is a strong possibility it will not happen, I did not want to let what I know to be true to stop me from living out my hopes to the future.