Life of Pablo

Life of Pablo

I read a lot of biographies. People from all different industries, cultures, and backgrounds mostly to steal their secrets. All great artists do that. 

Lately, I am noticing how much successful people meditate and how much meditation allows them space to create.   

In just a short time, meditation has been my foundation for a new mindset focused on abundance. Being grateful for the privilege of time to practice. Forgiving myself of the need to protect my next idea.

A Poem of Friendship

I stumbled on a favorite poem by Nikki Giovanni, and I wanted to share. 


We are not lovers
because of the love
we make
but the love
we have

We are not friends
because of the laughs
we spend
but the tears
we save

I don’t want to be near you
for the thoughts we share
but the words we never have
to speak

I will never miss you
because of what we do
but what we are

What's your mission?

What's your mission?

In 1926, National Negro Week was created by historian Carter G. Wilson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. 

The Dr. Wilson's mission to shine a light on the contributions black people have made to this county. Six years after his death, his idea became an institution recognized in this country and is now celebrated in the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands. 

What's your mission? What can we create to shine a light on those of us who believe they are invisible. Is it important if you see the end result? If it is, you should start today. 

What’s the state of our union?

What’s the state of our union?  

Our lives are moving so fast. We need to take the time to check in with the ones we love. Today, ask someone in your life some questions.  

We could spend time listening to Trump talk, or we could invest that energy in each other.

Our country is only as strong as the unions we have with each other.