It's Time to Redefine Renaissance


The Harlem Renaissance period is an era that I wish that I could somehow experience in my life. The allure of it. The thought that if I was a black male and educated in a variety of things that I would be considered a "Renaissance Man." I've always been fascinated by not just the artists, musicians, and intellectuals, but also the community in Harlem that supported their vision. I believe both aspects were essential to the creation of a Renaissance period and the positive outlook that still resonates when the period is mentioned. 

What's missing today? Presently, we have all the tools that people in Harlem were using to create their space in time. If anything, we have more tools than we know what to do with. Because of the internet, our access to technology and art have continued to grow as entrepreneurs create the next "next thing." 

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What's a Party Without a Purpose

Earlier this month, the Broccoli City Festival made its first stop ever in Los Angeles. Home to D.C., the annual event brings young people of color together to enjoy music from popular artists like Jo Jo, Goldlink, and Sango, while uniting under one common cause: to promote healthier living and environmentally sustainable lifestyles. From the organic food trucks to the twerking fitness classes, #BCFest effectively relays its go-green message without taking the fun out of the overall festival experience.

Brandon McEachern, co-founder of BC Fest, says the music and arts festival gives the community the power to make a choice. "We just want to provide the information in a way that young people of color can digest," Mcachern said. Not only did Brandon accomplish this goal, but his event also challenges existing organizations that are dedicated to certain causes to host their events with an underlining purpose or theme that will relevantly position their message to everyone attending. In other words, they "party with a purpose."


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The LA River Connects Us All

On Wednesday night, the Ignition LA Campfire brought together people from all over Los Angeles to hear the personal narratives from eight young people that had participated in the Ignite Good training over the past weekend. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the speakers. I was also unlucky enough to be chosen to close the event. To bring everyone together to close the event and show how my organization the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation is working to revitalize the LA River and its surrounding communities. How the possibilities for the future of LA are what makes this city great. And how Los Angeles does not have to be known as the city that exports all our great ideas through film and music.


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